3 Money Saving Tips for the New Year

As I purge through last year’s credit card statements and shoe boxes of saved receipts, I start to feel that sinking in my stomach that another year went by where I was remiss in optimizing my expense flow. I found 3 places where a few nip’s and tuck’s made a large impact on an annualized basis. Here are the services that I found non-essential:

  1. Extra Phone Services – Cancel extra data, international access, and other unused features and options. I was able to cancel over $55 monthly on products and services that I really did not need or use; and it had no effect on my quality or quantity of service (I neither reduced minutes or data).
  2. Cancel Credit Monitoring Subscriptions – Your Discover Card, Visa or MasterCard account will often offer credit tracking services. Save that $20 per month in monitoring and use the free premium service offered by one of your banking institutions. If your credit cards do not currently offer you free credit monitoring, click here to apply for a Discover Card which will offer this premium service.
  3. Search thoroughly and cancel and other monthly subscription that you are not using. Many times we will sign up for a free trial only to have a small monthly recurring fee go un-noticed, sometimes for years on end. Are you using that downloadable book subscription, premium video streaming service, or other monthly premium? Simply cancelling your phone insurance after 2 years can save you $6 per month.

January 10, 2016